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Hi, I'm Jayson. Welcome to my corner of CyberSpace!

School's out for the Summer! Yaaa! Party on, dude! Kewl!

I've got a Lassie-dog named "Dog." Get it? His name is Dog.

I like to play networked games, and am pretty good at some of them. I even like the ancient ones, like Doom!

I'm way into music. I like some of the old stuff, like Neal Young, and more recent stuff, like Toni Braxton. But I can't stand Shitney! Lately I've been fond of Broccoli Spears (as we like to call her. We even have a parody of her hit: "Oops, I did it again. I let out a fart. I'm not that continent.")

I love many sports. My favorite sport is ice hockey, but more about that later. In pro sports, I follow the Dolphins (NFL), Panthers (NHL), as well as keeping up with the Blackhawks (NHL) and Sharks (NHL).




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