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Happy holidays

Wow, I can't believe it's Christmas already. This year has just flown by. School went better than I expected (the other kids weren't quite as obnoxious as last year). Mom wants to redo the kitchen, but dad says it's fine so why spend the money, which doesn't grow on trees you know. Kev got his own room, so he's not in my hair all the time. Dog just sleeps all day, but he still wags his tail when I get home.

I almost got a part in the school play, but then Lee told me only geeks and total losers do that, so I didn't. Lee's pretty cool, he telles me what's what.

Do you think next year (y2k and all) will be bad, like everyone says? People say it'll be like total disaster, anarchy, rioting, looting. Dad filled the garage with canned food.

Anyway, have a great Holiday!!!


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Jayson Withers
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