Over the hills and far away, Teletubbies come to play

What are the Teletubbies anyway?

Baby Sun

Voice Trumpet

The Teletubbies are 4 techno-babies (people inside costumes) who live in a make-believe land all their own. They talk baby-talk and say everything twice. Their land has ominous "voice trumpets" which are big pipes that come out of the ground and tell them when to come out of their moll hill for play and when to go back in. Very "big brother." The sun is a human baby that is always watching over them and forever giggling. They also have a vacuum cleaner, Noo-noo, who cleans up after them when they spill their Tubby Custard, which seems to happen frequently. Each Tubby has a different shaped antenna on its head. Every episode, a communication is beamed into Teletubbyland, and they all have to stop whatever they are doing and see which one of them has the right equipment to pick it up. His or her antenna will then glow, and the broadcast is played on that Teletubby's tummy TV screen for all to see. The broadcast will show real children interacting with each other and adults.
Tubbies & Noo-noo
Dipsy, Tinky Winky, Laa-Laa, and Po with Noo-noo
I like the show because it is incredibly campy — the way they talk, the way they dance and move around, and most of all their accessories. Each Teletubby has a favorite thing that it carries around. My favorite is Tinky Winky, the biggest Teletubby, because he bucks convention by carrying around a big red handbag. When one of the creators was asked about the meaning of the handbag, the reply was, "Doesn't every little boy at some time or other want to carry around his mum's or gran's handbag?"
Tinky Winky with bag

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