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Pensive.Org operates several mailing lists as a service to the email community.  We currently maintain a Macintosh-oriented disucssion list for free servers in general, plus several product-specific discussion lists for mail and list servers and related products.  These are unofficial lists, where those who use these products can freely discuss their use and operation.  For official information, see the product's web pages: AutoShare, QPopper, VoiceContact, and WorldMail

We also maintain a list for developers using the Eudora EMS API.  Again, this is an unofficial list, where developers using this API can freely discuss its use and operation.  For official information, see the Eudora EMS API web page.

(We also host a few private mailing lists, which are not listed here.  If you're looking for one of these, you'll have to know its name.  We apologize.)

Last Updated: 28 January 2000